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13.06.2007 15:03:07 Europe/Berlin -

Last Opportunity

he RealOTS Clone Project will finally be having a launch after that many months of hard work.

The Project
Starting equipment
Game Features:
  • Free Premium Time
  • 342 NPC files (real files, fancy .NPC scripting)
  • 160 Monster files (real files, fancy .MON scripting)
  • 36 Raid files (real files, fancy .EVT scripting)
  • Over 214 Map quests (using real quest data)
  • Tibia 7.7 Original Map (real files, fancy .sec files)
  • 861 Houses (real files, real rents)
  • Roughfully over 25.000 thousand monsters around the map
  • In-game house command renting
  • Security server saves every minute
  • Map refreshing at server for refreshable tiles and map state saving
  • Logging Interface
  • Based entirely on TheForgottenServer 1.1 Engine
  • Experience Sharing
  • Increased regeneration rates for faster and a more fun leveling experience
  • Increased skill leveling rates, x30 times faster
  • Increased magic leveling rates, x10 times faster
  • Increased monster loot drops rates for rare drops, up to x5 times more chance
  • Original healing, damaging formulas for runes and spells (taken directly from the original engine)
  • Note: You can't just access places like The Queen of the Banshees or open Mailbox doors, you need to do their respective quests, y'know like real Tibia 7.7
Frag System
  • Frags to red skull (3)
  • Frags to banishment (20)
  • Frag duration 4 hours
Experience System
  • Level 1 to 20: x100
  • Level 21 to 50: x50
  • Level 51 to 80: x30
  • Level 81 to 100: x10
  • Level 101 to 120: x5
  • Level 121 to 999: x3
Launch Date: 4:00 EDT

The game server as you can see is still stock RealOTS with just increased rates and experience stages added, as the game play advances more things can be implemented unlike "RealOTS files".

Again, you must be reminded this is Free to Play, do not expect a shop to come out anytime soon, there will never be a premium time store.
If the circumstances change I will let you know beforehand,


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