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Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating world of Tibia, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world! To learn more about Tibia take a look at the screenshots To start playing sign up for a free account. See you in Tibia!

07.06.2016 19:38:11 Europe/Berlin -

Small fixes #2

ixed a problem with Chameleon Rune script missing (couldn't conjure).
Summoned monsters now follow you even if you attack them.
Door closing no longer checks for field damage.

05.06.2016 01:24:42 Europe/Berlin -

Small Bug Fix Issued

very small bug fix has been addressed today with NPCs shopping only selling counts of 1 item each, this was my bad in a wrong for loop using std::min instead of std::max :P

13.06.2007 15:03:07 Europe/Berlin -

Last Opportunity

ibians test server will be launched today at 15:00 GMT-4
Experience is set to x500 during the duration (2 days), you can find the NPC free items next to the temple of Rookgaard.
Server will be launched in the U.S as a fun RPG in around 1 month.

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